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10/07/2021 PCS AWARDED ALMOST £50K FROM THE NATIONAL LOTTERY Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   also   known   as   PATH   (Pembrokeshire   Action   for   The   Homeless),   is   today celebrating   after   being   awarded   almost   £50,000   in   National   Lottery   funding   to   support   its   work   in   ending the cycle of homelessness for young people. The   grant   from   The   National   Lottery   Community   Fund,   which   distributes   money   raised   by   National Lottery   players   for   good   causes   and   is   the   largest   community   funder   in   the   UK,   will   see   a   new   exciting project of creating ‘Foyers’ throughout Pembrokeshire. The   ‘Foyers’   will   provide   safe   and   nurturing   places   for   young   people   to   live,   learn   and   equip   them   with the   skills   to   lead   independent   lives.   Programmes   on   offer   will   include   education   and   skills,   financial management   and   pastoral   support.   There   are   many   reasons   why   people   face   homelessness,   our   belief is that every person deserves the chance to fulfil their full potential and live independently. Now   based   in   Market   Street,   Haverfordwest   –   PATH   began   work   in   1979   and   have   developed   their services   over   the   years   providing   a   variety   of   support   through   three   main   schemes: Advice   and   Bond   offering   housing   advice,   debt   guidance,   crisis   intervention   and   Bond   assistance;   Supporting   People   helping    clients    become    tenancy    ready    by    maximizing    income    as    well    as    maintaining    any    future tenancies; Pathway Lettings – assisting clients in searching for affordable accommodation. Through   the   ‘Foyer   Project’   PATH   will   further   extend   the   support   it   offers   young   people   across   the   region with    the    long-term    vision    of    enabling    them    to    successfully    secure    an    independent    tenancy    and successful employment. Ann   Maria   –   Chair   of   Trustees   says:   “We   are   delighted   that   The   National   Lottery   Community   Fund   is supporting   this   important   initiative. Thanks   to   National   Lottery   players   we   will   be   able   to   extend   our   work helping    young    people    lead    independent    fulfilling    lives.    This    project    will    also    present    us    with    the opportunity   to   develop   joint   working   with   our   local   partners   for   the   benefit   of   the   young   people   of Pembrokeshire. Michael   Hooper   –   Managing   Director:   We   have   worked   closely   with   Pembrokeshire   County   Council   and a   number   of   other   partners   on   this   project   and   thank   them   all   for   their   support.   We   believe   that   this   will be the springboard for helping ending homelessness for young people in Pembrokeshire. 19/04/2021 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE From   Monday   19/04/21   our   office   will   be   open   to   the   public   for   drop   in   services.   Masks   will   still   be required and social distancing to be adhered to. 05/01/2021 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE Following   the   Welsh   Government   guidelines   Pathway   Lettings   office   will   remain   closed   to   the   public   until further notice. Essential appointments will be carried out by prior arrangement only. If   you   need   to   contact   us,   please   call   01437   766625   and   leave   a   message.   We   will   get   back   to   you   as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email us on info@pathwaylettings.org . 21/12/2020 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE Due to the increased numbers of Covid-19 in Pembrokeshire Pathway Lettings office will be closed to the public from 07/12/2020 until further notice. If you need to contact us, please call 01437 766625 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email us on info@pathwaylettings.org. We will not be able to carry out viewings. PATHWAY LETTINGS CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Pathway   Lettings   will   close   for   the   Christmas   Period   on   Thursday   24/12/2020   at   2:30pm   and   will resume work on Monday 04/01/2021 at 9:00am. We appreciate your co-operation in these difficult times & wish you a Safe Christmas & New Year. Pathway Lettings Team               21/10/2020 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE Pathway   Lettings   office   will   be   closed   to   the   public   from   26/10/2020   until   9/11/2020   in   line   with   the   new Welsh Government guidelines. If   you   need   to   contact   us,   please   call   01437   766625   and   leave   a   message.   We   will   get   back   to   you   as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us on info@pathwaylettings.org We appreciate your co-operation in these difficult times 19/06/2020 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE Property Viewings, Check-Ins & Check-Outs: As   of   Monday   22nd   June   2020,   Pathway   Lettings   will   resume   property   viewings,   check-ins   and   check- outs. Due   to   our   continued   contact   with   interested   customers   throughout   the   lockdown,   please   be   aware   that there is likely to be a high number of viewings taking place, therefore a waiting list may be inevitable. However,   we   endeavour   to   hold   as   many   viewings   as   we   possibly   can,   as   we   understand   our   customers need to secure safe and affordable accommodation during this difficult time. Please    be    aware    that    all    staff    members    will    continue    to    adhere    to    socially    distancing    measures, therefore   arrangements   in   place   to   conduct   a   viewing   or   property   check-in   might   be   slightly   different   as to how we previously managed them. Office Access: As   of   Monday   29th   June   2020,   Pathway   Lettings   office   will   be   open   for   customers   to   call   in   to   register, pay rent, collect electricity tokens etc. Social   distancing   measures   will   be   in   place   and   we   would   like   to   ask   customers   to   wait   outside,   if   a customer   is   already   in   the   Reception   area.   Hand   sanitiser   will   be   available   in   the   Reception   area   for   the use of all customers. Contacting Us: Pathway   Lettings   phoneline   to   01437   766625   continues   to   be   diverted   to   answerphone,   however,   will revert   back   to   a   direct   phoneline   as   of   Monday   29th   June   2020.   In   the   meantime,   please   continue   to leave an voicemail or contact us via e-mail to info@pathwaylettings.org . Please   bare   with   us   and   please   help   us   to   conduct   business   in   the   safest   possible   manner,   to   safeguard the health and well-being of all customers, staff members and local communities. Thank you 29/05/2020 GENERIC SUPPORT SERVICE AT PCS Are you or someone you know experiencing problems with housing, benefits, debts of any other issues? We can offer help and support through this difficult time with our Generic Support Service. Contact us to discuss the issues you are experiencing and how we can help. Pembrokeshire Care Society Call us on: 01437 765335 E-mail us at: pcs@pembrokeshirecaresociety.org.uk 27/04/2020 PEMBROKESHIRE COMMUNITY HUB 20/03/2020 SERVICE UPDATE Given   current   Government   guidance   we   are   stopping   all   office   drop-ins   and   tenancy   related   home visits. Where   possible,   services   will   be   delivered   via   phone/email/post/text   etc.   for   clients,   tenants   and landlords and we hope that this will not cause too much of an issue. We   request   that   all   rental   payments   are   made   by   Bank   transfer   where   possible   and   you   can   contact us for further information. Please   be   assured   that   we   will   still   be   taking   new   tenant   or   landlords   enquires   in   the   meantime. However, please be aware that no viewings or property check-ins will be taking place during this time. You can contact us on info@pathwaylettings.org or by phone to 01437 766625. Pathway    Lettings    and    Pembrokeshire    Care    Society    will    be    issuing    official    guidance    regarding changes to our services to partner agencies, as changes occur.