About Us Pathway    Lettings    is    a    Social    Lettings   Agency    (and    tenancy mediation     service)     operating     within     Pembrokeshire     Care Society   homeless   charity.   We   assist   our   clients   in   searching   for housing    and    offer    competitive    rates    for    both    landlords    & tenants. Pathway   Lettings   offer   a   wide   range   of   services   and   work   with many    landlords/agents    throughout    the    area    as    well    as    with various   Partnership   Agencies   such   as   Pembrokeshire   County Council,   PATCH   Charity,   Paul   Sartori   Foundation,   Ceredigion Care Society, Gwalia, Hafan Cymru. We   are   accredited   by   Landlord   Accreditation   Wales   &   licensed Agents     by     Rent     Smart     Wales,     registered     with     National Residential   Landlords   Association,   Property   Ombudsman.      We hold   an   Advice   Quality   Standard   mark   &   we   belong   to   Client Money Protect. A   Certificate   Bond   Scheme   funded   by   the   Welsh   Government may   be   available   to   some   clients   who   qualify   for   help   -   please contact   Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   01437   76   53   35   or   free number   0800   783   5001   to   book   an   appointment   and   discuss eligibility. Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   also   offers   a   Tenancy   Support Service   assisting   clients   to   maintain   their   tenancy.   Please   call the above numbers for details. .
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05/01/2021 PATHWAY LETTINGS SERVICE UPDATE Following   the   Welsh   Government   guidelines   Pathway   Lettings   office   will   remain   closed   to   the public until further notice. Essential appointments will be carried out by prior arrangement only. If   you   need   to   contact   us,   please   call   01437   766625   and   leave   a   message.   We   will   get   back   to   you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email us on info@pathwaylettings.org. We appreciate your co-operation in these difficult times. Pathway Lettings Team