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Looking for a property To   view   our   current   property   list   please   go   to   'properties'.   If   you’re   interested   in   one   of   the properties   please   contact   us   on   01437   76   66   25   or   email   us   on   info@pathwaylettings.org and    request    a    call    back.    We    will    need    to    take    a    few    details    about    you    and    your circumstances in order to arrange a viewing. If   you   haven’t   found   a   suitable   property   on   our   list   or   you’re   thinking   of   moving   in   close future,   we   will   add   your   name   to   our   database   and   will   contact   you   once   a   property matching your criteria becomes available. References & credit check Usually   two   references   are   required   for   a   property   managed   by   Pathway   Lettings   -   from your   employer/current   landlord/referring   agency/support   worker/solicitor/a   person   who has   know   known   you   for   a   minimum   of   5   years.   We   will   ask   you   to   provide   these   in   form of letters with the name, address and telephone number of your referee. We   will   also   ask   you   to   provide   bank   statements   for   the   last   three   months   in   order   to   run a credit check. Administrative fee A   £50    potentially   refundable   administrative   fee   (per   property)   is   applicable   before    a tenancy commences on every PATHWAY LETTINGS property. Your fee will be refunded to you at the end of the tenancy if: you   have   given   your   Landlord   a   required   notice   and,   in   case   you   were   assisted   with a bond by PCS or PCC, have notified us of your intention to leave the property you have returned the key to your Landlord there was no bond claim on your bond Bond Your bond will be deposited with Deposit Protection Service. If    you    cannot    provide    a    bond    yourself    and    require    assistance    please    contact Pembrokeshire   Care   Society(PCS/PATH)   on   01437   76   53   35   or   a   free   number   0   800   783 5001 and ask to speak to the duty worker for advice. For   more   information   about   Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   Bond   Scheme   please   visit   PCS website.
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