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08/07/15        GET FREE INSULATION FOR YOU HOME As   part   of   the   Energy   Companies   Obligation   Scheme   (ECO) introduced   in   Jan   2013,   larger   energy   companies   have   been working    with    the    Government    to    reduce    the    UK's    energy consumption,   by   giving   free   insulation   to   households.   One   of   the participating    companies    is    British    Gas,    currently    offering    free insulation   to   both   landlords   and   tenants.   You   don't   have   to   be   a British   Gas   customer,   or   buy   any   other   products   and   services. Suitability   is   based   on   your   home,   not   your   income.   Your   home could    qualify,    whether    you    own    or    rent    it.    To    find    out    more about   the   scheme   and   check   if   your   property   is   eligible,   please visit: british gas/free h ome insulation ______________________________________________________________ 15/06/2015   NEST SCHEME Nest   is   a   Welsh   Government   scheme   working   to   help   reduce   the number   of   households   in   fuel   poverty   and   make   Welsh   homes warmer   and   more   energy-efficient   places   to   live.   Nest   offers   a range   of   advice   and   support   for   everyone   to   save   energy   and maximise   income.   for   more   information   about   how   you   could benefit, visit: NEST Wales . ______________________________________________________________ 15/06/2015    LOCAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE (LHA) RATES IN PEMBROKESHIRE To   check   the   current   Housing   Benefit   rates   in   Pembrokeshire   visit Directgov website . ______________________________________________________________ 04/06/2015          JAMIE   RUNNING   THE   CARDIFF   HALF   MARATHON   TO FUNDRAISE FOR PEMBROKESHIRE CARE SOCIETY Our   former   Tenant,   Jamie ,   is   running   the   Cardiff   Half   Marathon on   4th   October   2015    in   order   to   raise   money   for   Pembrokeshire Care     Society ,     which     Pathway     Lettings     are     a     part     of. Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   is   a   local   charity   providing   advice &      assistance      to      all      persons      experiencing      housing      or homelessness   related   issues.   The   raised   money   will   be   donated to   the   Crisis   Fund,   thanks   to   which   clients   can   be   assisted   in times   of   crisis   with   items   such   as   furniture,   food   packs,   hygiene packs,    sleeping    bags    etc.    Please    support    Jamie    &    PCS    by sharing    the    news.    If    you    wish    to    donate    a    sponsor    form    is available     in     our     office.     Any     donation     will     be     greatly appreciated. Thank you & GO JAMIE! ______________________________________________________________ 02/06/2016            CAN’T    AFFORD    A    BOND    TO    SECURE    YOUR    NEW TENANCY?   YOU   MIGHT   BE   ELIGIBLE   FOR   A   PEMBROKESHIRE   CARE SOCIETY BOND Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   (formerly   known   as   PASH/PATH)   is   a registered   charity   (No.   1048218/Companies   House   No.   3062605) founded in 1979. PCS   strives   to   assist   all   homeless   persons   with   advice,   assistance and   advocacy   to   enable   them   to   secure   safe   and   affordable accommodation. A   Certificate   Bond   Scheme   funded   by   the   Welsh   Government may be available to some clients who qualify for help. For   more   information   about   help   and   assistance   you   could   get please    visit:    Pembrokeshire    Care    Society    website     or    phone 01437    76    53    35    or    free    number    0    800    783    5001    to    book    an appointment and discuss eligibility. ______________________________________________________________ 25/05/2015   WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE! We   have   improved   and   updated   our   website   to   make   it   clear, more   interesting   and   easy   to   use.   You   can   now   browse   photo galleries   in   our   property   list   and   find   some   useful   information   and links   about   tenancy   related   matters.   We’ve   also   refreshed   our facebook   page    -   follow   us   to   be   the   first   to   know   about   new properties that become available.
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