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08/07/15        GET FREE INSULATION FOR YOU HOME As     part     of     the     Energy     Companies     Obligation     Scheme     (ECO) introduced   in   Jan   2013,   larger   energy   companies   have   been   working with   the   Government   to   reduce   the   UK's   energy   consumption,   by giving     free     insulation     to     households.     One     of     the     participating companies   is   British   Gas,   currently   offering   free   insulation   to   both home     owners     and     tenants     regardless     whether     they     are     BG’s customers.   To   find   out   more   about   the   scheme   and   check   if   your property is eligible, please visit: british gas/free h ome insulation _ _______ 24/06/15            NEW    LEGISLATION    INTRODUCED    THIS    YEAR    - LANDLORDS   OBLIGED   TO   INFORM   WELSH   WATER   OF   A   NEW TENANT   TO   AVOID   BECOMING   CO-RESPONSIBLE   FOR   WATER DEBT The   Welsh   Government   has   introduced   new   legislation   that   impacts on    any    landlord/letting    agent/Local    Authority    whose    property    (in England    or    Wales)    receive    water    or    sewerage    services    from    Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water. The    legislation    came    into    effect    on    1    January    2015    and    requires landlords    to    inform    Welsh    Water    about    tenants    in    their    properties within   21   days   of   the   tenants   moving   into   the   property.   If   this   isn’t done,   the   landlord   can   become   jointly   and   severally   liable   with   the tenant for any outstanding water and sewerage charges. _______________________________________________________ _______ 16/06/15            SMOKE    &    CARBON    MONOXIDE    ALARMS    TO    BE COMPULSORY    IN   ALL    PRIVATE    RENTED    PROPERTIES    FROM OCTOBER 2015 The    measure    is    expected    to    take    effect    from    October    2015,    and comes   with   strong   support   after   a   consultation   on   property   condition in the private rented sector. The   proposed   changes   to   the   law   would   require   landlords   to   install smoke   alarms   on   every   floor   of   their   property,   and   test   them   at   the start of every tenancy. Landlords   would   also   need   to   install   carbon   monoxide   alarms   in   high risk   rooms   –   such   as   those   where   a   solid   fuel   heating   system   is installed. Those   who   fail   to   install   smoke   and   carbon   monoxide   alarms   would face sanctions and could face up to a £5,000 civil penalty. The   allocation   of   funding   to   fire   and   rescue   authorities   to   offer   free smoke    and    carbon    monoxide    alarms    to    local    landlords    will    be announced shortly. For more information visit: gov.uk  website. _ ______ 16/06/15   EBICO - FAIR GAS & ELECTRICITY TARIFFS WITH ZERO STANDING CHARGE FOR LANDLORDS Ebico   Ltd   is   a   not-for-profit   company   in   the   UK's   gas   and   electricity market delivering better, fairer, deals in energy to British households. Ebico    provide    a    gas    and    electricity    tariff    called    EquiGas    and EquiPower   in   partnership   with   SSE   Energy   Supply   Limited.   EquiGas and   EquiPower   is   available   throughout   Britain,   and   is   a   very   simple, straightforward   and   fair   energy   tariff.   It   offers   the   same   unit   rate   for gas   throughout   mainland   UK,   and   the   same   unit   rate   for   electricity within   each   distribution   region,   irrespective   of   usage   level,   payment method    or    number    of    fuels    supplied.    The    tariff    also    has    a    zero standing   charge    for   both   electricity   and   gas   -   so   customers   only   pay for what they use. To find out more, visit: www.ebico.org.uk. _ ______ 25/05/2015   WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE! We   have   improved   and   updated   our   website   to   make   it   clear,   more interesting   and   easy   to   use.   We   have   added   photo   galleries   to   our property   list   to   present   your   properties   better   and   created   a   newsfeed and useful links section to share information you may find helpful.
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