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1. Why do we collect and keep your personal information? We    collect    and    use    your    personal    information    because:        We    receive    public    funding    from    Welsh Government,    Pembrokeshire    County    Council    and    other    funding    bodies            We    have    contractual agreements   with   these   funders   to   provide   and   evidence   our   services.         In   addition   our   Quality   Standard accreditation   (AQS)   and   Insurance   Cover   is   reliant   on   the   quality   and   accuracy   of   our   advice,   support and other services, this can only be achieved by collating and assessing your personal data. The Processing of your data is: 1 . Because   you   have   given   your   consent   to   do   so,   by   signing   our   confidentiality   policy   and   receiving this Fair Processing information, when you approach our organisation for assistance. 2 . Because   it   is   necessary   for   our   public   funded   contracts   to   do   so.   We   have   information   sharing protocols   in   place   with   our   funders.   The   information   they   require   fulfils   our   obligations   under   their contracts for statistical and financial information. 3 . Because   it   is   necessary   for   the   performance   of   our   tasks,   which   aim   to   provide   you   with   the   most comprehensive assistance you require with your housing, debt and welfare benefit services. 4 . Because   we   have   a   necessary   legitimate   interest   to   do   so,   for   the   wider   social   benefits,   staff   and community safety, protection of other public funding and the protection of vulnerable client groups. 2. How Information about you is used. The    information    that    you    provide    will    be    processed    according    to    the    General    Data    Protection Regulations 2018 and shall act in accordance with the requirement of: a ) The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 a ) Housing Act 1985 a ) Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2015 a ) Social Services and Well-being Act 2014 a ) Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 a ) Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 a ) Welfare Reform Act 2012 a ) Employment Legislation 2008 a ) Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 a ) Welsh Quality Housing standards a ) Rent Smart Wales Guidance a ) Advice Quality Standard This list is not exclusive. We   have   a   duty   to   protect   the   public   funds   we   administer   and   may   use   the   information   provided   by   you. These   may   include:   Your   Initial   or   updated   contact   forms,   referral   forms   to   and   from   other   agencies, internal   and   external   risk   assessments,   advice/support   planning   and   outcome   forms.      This   will   also include   data   matching   with   Pembrokeshire   County   Council   fir   the   sourcing   off   suitable   accommodation, obtaining    financial    aid    on    your    behalf,    reducing    duplication    of    work,    statistical    reporting    for    further research   into   housing,   debt   and   welfare   benefits   and   the   reporting   on   external   systems   as   contractually agreed   by   our   funders.   We   will   also   make   any   disclosures   required   by   law.      We   may   also   share   this information   with   other   bodies   responsible   for   detecting/preventing   fraud   and   the   protection   of   children and vulnerable adults.  We   may   also   be   required   to   share   your   information   with   auditors   of   our   funding   to   ensure   money   is targeted and spent in the most appropriate and cost effective way. Information may be shared with third parties in yours or the wider community’s best interests. We   will   not   make   any   disclosures   to   third   parties   for   marketing   purposes.   Our   only   marketing   roles   are   to advertise   Pathway   Lettings   properties   to   let   and   the   raising   awareness   of   our   advice   and   support services   to   those   who   may   be   experiencing   homelessness   or   are   threatened   with   homelessness.   No personal data is used. Your   data   will   be   secure   and   confidential   at   all   times   and   we   will   only   collect   the   personal   information   that is   required   to   assess   your   eligibility   to   access   our   services   and   for   Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   to provide a fully comprehensive and appropriate service. 3. How long do we keep hold of your information? We   will   retain   the   information   provided   to   us   for   7   years. After   the   closure   of   your   case,   your   information will be securely disposed once it is no longer required. 4. Access to my personal information? You   can   find   out   if   we   hold   any   personal   information   by   making   a   subject   access   request   under   the General   Data   Protection   Act   Regulations   2018 .   To   make   a   request   for   any   personal   information   we may hold, you need to put your request in writing addressing it to: Data Protection Officer Pembrokeshire Care Society 1 Corner House Barn Street Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire SA61 1BW 5. Your Rights. Under   the   General   Data   Protection   Regulations   2018 ,   you   have   rights   as   an   individual   which   you   can exercise in relation to the information we hold about you: The   right   of   access    –   you   are   entitled   to   request   access   to   and   a   copy   of,   information   we   hold about you The right to rectification  – you have the right to ask to have your information corrected. The   right   to   restrict   processing   may   apply   –   you   may   request   that   we   stop   processing   your personal   data   however,   this   may   delay   or   prevent   us   delivering   a   service   to   you.      We   will   seek   to comply   with   your   request   but   may   be   required   to   hold   or   process   information   to   comply   with   our legal duties. The   right   to   object   –   this   is   not   an   absolute   right   and   will   depend   on   the   reason   for   processing   your personal information. 6. Complaints or Queries. Pembrokeshire   Care   Society   endeavours   to   meet   the   highest   standards   when   collecting   and   using personal   information.      For   this   reason,   we   take   any   complaints   we   receive   about   this   seriously.      We encourage   people   to   bring   to   our   attention   if   they   believe   that   our   collection   or   use   of   information   is unfair, misleading or inappropriate.  This   privacy   notice   does   not   provide   exhaustive   detail   of   all   aspects   of   our   collection   and   use   of   personal information.   However   we   are   happy   to   provide   any   additional   information   or   explanation   needed.   Any requests for this should be sent to the following address: Data Protection Officer Pembrokeshire Care Society 1 Corner House Barn Street Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire SA61 1BW Email: path@pembrokeshirecaresociety.org.uk Telephone: 01437 765335 If   you   want   to   make   a   complaint   about   the   way   we   have   processed   your   personal   information,   you   can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office as the statutory body which oversees data protection law: Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow SK9 5AF Email case worker@ico.org.uk       Telephone No: 0303 123 1113 7. Changes to this privacy notice. We keep our privacy notice under regular review.
Pembrokeshire Care Society Fair Processing Notice
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